Mash Update

Version 1.2 is now ready to download. Diacritics have been added, as well as $,€ and &. More updates to come.


Pixelcastle is now downloadable in the first small version. It is a blackletter-pixel-hybrid. See the OFL fonts section.


Modernismania is out on myfonts now. Modernismania is the headline font you need. Modern and elastic it will give your branding the freshness it deserves. A full latin language support is included, also the numbers are funky. With a flexible contrast in the middle area, this font is truely sympathic.


Moony Typeface is online at myfonts now.


Mash is here! It is another OFL font, variable and expanded soon.


Knive is an OFL font released in 2021 and is free for your designs.


Valkyrie was designed following the idea to have realy strong letters taking a lot of room. This results in a heavy appearance and gives Valkyrie its special look. It is possible to give it an even more uniform look by using the alternate characters. What can a strong font be used for? Valkyrie hopes to …

Valkyrie Weiterlesen »


Flatfoot has it’s very own style and is surely unique. The straight letter endings are giving it a flat look and the tiny serifs are referring to classical types. It has a high contrast and a high uppercase letters. Many details are waiting for you to be discovered.


Reduza Infinity is a modern and futuristic font, created for you to make fancy designs. It is very useful to create movie posters or sci fi book covers. Reduza supports many languages and looks forward to be used by you.

New Website New Fonts

Brave Lion Fonts is now Brave Type and I am proud to present you my typefaces and fonts here!